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Can't wait any longer?......Don't worry, our new disabled compost loo is on its way!

Lewes District Council have finally approved our planning application for this lovely roomy disabled compost toilet, funded by Seaford Town Council and the Big Lottery Awards for All.

 large_compostloo.jpg loos2.jpg

This compost loo will save us a lot of money in the long run, and we can stop the monthly expense of the hired 'Port a loo". There is no smell as the waste is separated, and no water is used. The waste will be collected regularly and placed on a compost heap in order to to make compost for the fruit trees and native hedge down in the Wilderness Project area so nothing is wasted.

We are arranging a sub base and soak away to be installed in the area soon at the side of the Hut and the installation will take place there after.

Ahhhhh! What a relief!