assorted lotty pics

Open for Business!







Yes it's installed and ready for action!

here's an update from Project Manager Carol Whitehead:-

"The loo was installed in 3 hrs, I have put up instructions for use basically no water is involved and this dry separation encourages good odourless bacteria to work. So gentlemen must either use the urinal or sit on the loo - no standing in front of the loo please!











I wanted the landscaper to install a large concrete area in front so there is plenty of room for a wheel chair if needed.

I will plant the rest of the saplings along the grass path for a wind break for Vida and Paddy and also plant some more shrubs around the area.

Paul is making a rain water station for hand washing on the concrete pad where the old chemical portaloo was."


"Elsewhere on the site, Paul West has also designed a brilliant water station area to collect rain water which will be useful during the winter months when the mains is turned off.

It is located at plot 112c which has been a difficult plot to cultivate for some time so it was decided to put the plot to better use.

Take care on the slightly uneven paths if you go down to have a look.

Thanks again David for his help and to Mike Scotcher for the loan of his generator."



Carol Whitehead

Project Manager