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Managing the Meadow

Our Wilderness Project meadow had a glorious flowering of annual wild flowers this summer in its first season.

Next year we hope to see the perennial flowers coming through that are the main staple of the meadow.

We have other plans for the meadow next year to debate at the AGM, such as one off events we might have down there as well as the ongoing discussions about bee hives, so please remember to come along in March to the annual meeting to voice your ideas to continue the project.

The meadow was cut with an Austrian scythe and the green waste is removed to a temporary pile and will be cleared to compost areas, as leaving it on the ground will build up fertility, which is not good for a meadow (wild flowers thrive on decreased fertility).



Please do not get tempted to dump any weeds or allotment cuttings on the meadow site near any of the temporary piles of cuttings. The area must be left clear from now on in order for the area to develop.

Big thank you to our core helpers who cut the meadow this September: Cheryl, John, Wally (who turns out to be a scythe natural ) and of course, Richard who has done so much of the volunteering on this site ( Management never rests!).









There are still maintenance things to do over winter such as tidy up the hazel coppice corner from nettles and bind weed at the far end of the site, so please get in contact with the Wilderness Project leader, Carol, if you are interested to join the Wild Bunch team and continue the work on this wilding bio diverse corridor of our site!

The core team do have their own 'Life' commitments, so we can only work in short spurts and not everything gets done at once, so we are always pleased if you can lend an hour occasionally, dont ever feel you won't have time as all the hours add up and it all makes a difference!

We have to keep chipping away - and we have achieved so much in under 12 months it really is amazing! Check back on the archived posts to see what a transformation this area has had since October 2015!

Carol Whitehead Wilderness Project Leader