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SALGS Committee 2010

The Annual General Meeting was held on Friday 5th February 2010 upstairs in the Town Council offices at 37 Church Street, Seaford with approx 40 of our Members attending. The Minutes will be sent out in due course.

Following the Nominations received for Chairman, Secretary & Distribution Hut Manager, we have filled those vacancies and our Committee for 2010 is as follows:

Chairman: David Swaysland (120)
Secretary: Zoƫ Ford (90B) - (Since resigned - position now vacant)
Treasurer: Vida Turner (20A)
Plot Supervisor: Position Vacant
Site Security Officer: Mick Scotcher (77)
New Members Officer: Toni Francis (45)

Non Executive Members:
Distribution Hut Manager: Nick Linsell (113)
Denise Blunt (8B)
Linley Hobbs (80B)
Bob Humphrey (8A)

(Contact Plot number in brackets)

Although there were no nominees for Plot Supervisor, the Plot Monitoring system is to be reviewed and the Committee will decide how best to proceed this year.
There will be a Committee meeting soon. Further details and information will be posted over the coming weeks.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered and to those who attended and contributed to a lively and enjoyable meeting. I look forward to the coming year with excitement and some trepidation in my new role. I haven't the secretarial experience of my predecessor Barbara, who used to work at Seaford Town Council, but I hope you'll be patient with me and what I lack in shorthand skills I hope I will make up for with something else (I don't yet know what).

Happy Allotmenting for 2010.

Zoe Ford
Secretary, SALGS