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MoT Benefits for Plotholders

MoT enforcers

You'll notice a much smoother ride when you come in through the main gate now, thanks to a band of brothers (and a sister) who got to together last Saturday morning to fill some of those pesky potholes that seem to come out of nowhere during the winter. At very short notice due to the urgency of the task, several committee members and their family members turned up bright and early, spades in hand:

Pictured above L-R are Bob Humphrey, Linley Hobbs, Richard Ford, David Swaysland & Nick Linsell who were joined by camera shy Keith Jones & Paddy Turner on a sunny but cold morning. It only took them just over an hour to distribute three huge bags of MoT (whatever that is) that Mick Scotcher organised. Many hands made light of what could have been rather a laborious job for new Chairman, David, if no one else had volunteered! Thanks to everyone who helped and if anyone is sorry they missed the opportunity to come along, there'll be more things going on this year where your help will be welcome.