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Seaford Allotments Weekend Gardening Sale

We were delighted at the generous response of plot holders who donated plants, tools and other gardening items for us to sell. Thank you to all who contributed by donating or attending the sale to make a purchase.

An extra thank you to those who gave their valuable free time to set up and sell on the weekend - David Bramley, Margaret Linsell, Pam Gell, Sylvia Reeve, Debbie Hibberd.

The sale was a great success raising a total of £359.16 over the two mornings. I will ask for it to be set aside to buy plants for the natural hedge that hopefully will be planted this winter as part of the “Wilderness Project” As you may be aware this is an on-going project that is taking place on our allotment site down the hill where the site backs on to Vale Road.
The project is being run entirely by volunteers. The area was completely overgrown with trees, bushes, rubbish and weeds. It has been cleared by the volunteers who are looking to make something positive of the area taking into account wild life etc.
Any remaining plants have gone to St Leonard's Church in Seaford Town who are having a plant sale this coming Saturday 10 am to 12 am.
Any remaining tools, composters etc are listed below and you are able to purchase them by making enquiries the allotment supplies hut on a Sunday which is currently open 9 am to 12pm.We are looking for a small donation for any of the following items:-
garden spade, long handle shears (side cut), long handle shears (flat cut) composter, hoe, lawn airator, hand shears, lawn edging iron, vintage green house heater (parafin), wormery.

best wishes