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SALGS wins Big Lottery Fund and Local Grant!

SALGS wins Big Lottery Fund and Local Grant!SALGS wins Big Lottery Fund and Local Grant!



SALGS are delighted to announce their success of a Big Lottery award of £9,716 for their ‘Wilderness Project’ and Compost Loo plan. Seaford Town Council has also supported this project by generously awarding £2,000 to the Society. The project is to prepare the ground and plant a traditional Native Hedge along the Vale Road boundary this autumn/winter and to site a disabled access compost loo to replace the current porta loo.

The Allotment is about cultivation but it has a very difficult area to maintain, nicknamed the ‘Wilderness area’, which has become a nuisance to the Vale Road neighbours. The land needs clearing which sounds simple, but ‘taming’ unruly sycamore trees, removing jungle style brambles, perennial climbing weeds, clearing rubbish and improving soil, all on a slope, is not easy and definitely not for the faint hearted. A band of enthusiastic ‘Wild Bunch’ volunteers cleared massive amounts of brambles and small sycamore saplings along the Vale Road boundary last autumn and winter.

The grants will fund diggers and landscaping equipment to completely clear the area and purchase saplings, guards and fertiliser for a traditional native ‘stockproof’ style hedge, as advised by the South of England Hedge Laying Society who visited in February to advise on planting.

Within this area will be Wildlife Stations created from rubble covered with soil planted with wildflowers. An Orchard / Coppice area of nut or fruit trees is planned and, to conserve water, some Rainwater Collection Stations will be built.

Funds will be allocated for a Disabled access Compost Loo installation to replace the portoloo at the back of the Hut. This will be cost effective, be nicer to use and aesthetically pleasing compared to the current tardis !

The hedge will take several years to mature. SALGS is delighted that the Hedge Laying Society are to assist with hedge maintenance by using it as a training and practice site. It will become a wildlife habitat providing nectar for insects and bees.

Carol Whitehead and Liz Davies have been the force behind this project and SALGS thank them for their time and expertise; they will now take this project forward with help from the Allotmenteers.

If you would like to find out more, visit new The Wilderness Project page of this website!