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Open for Business!







Yes it's installed and ready for action!

here's an update from Project Manager Carol Whitehead:-

"The loo was installed in 3 hrs, I have put up instructions for use basically no water is involved and this dry separation encourages good odourless bacteria to work. So gentlemen must either use the urinal or sit on the loo - no standing in front of the loo please!











I wanted the landscaper to install a large concrete area in front so there is plenty of room for a wheel chair if needed.

I will plant the rest of the saplings along the grass path for a wind break for Vida and Paddy and also plant some more shrubs around the area.

Paul is making a rain water station for hand washing on the concrete pad where the old chemical portaloo was."


"Elsewhere on the site, Paul West has also designed a brilliant water station area to collect rain water which will be useful during the winter months when the mains is turned off.

Can't wait any longer?......Don't worry, our new disabled compost loo is on its way!

Lewes District Council have finally approved our planning application for this lovely roomy disabled compost toilet, funded by Seaford Town Council and the Big Lottery Awards for All.

 large_compostloo.jpg loos2.jpg

This compost loo will save us a lot of money in the long run, and we can stop the monthly expense of the hired 'Port a loo". There is no smell as the waste is separated, and no water is used. The waste will be collected regularly and placed on a compost heap in order to to make compost for the fruit trees and native hedge down in the Wilderness Project area so nothing is wasted.

We are arranging a sub base and soak away to be installed in the area soon at the side of the Hut and the installation will take place there after.

Ahhhhh! What a relief!

The Wilderness Project is Waiting for You this Spring!

Come an join in weeding and maintaining our wildlife investment.

For a Spring Update on the Wilderness Area, please follow this link:-









Update on Compost Loo - we are still waiting for final ok from Lewes District Council for the soakaway application so hope to be placing an order for the disabled compost toilet very soon, Watch the space by the Hut!

Also Paul West has plans to make a rain water station on site this summer.

There will always be some weeding maintenance work to do, or help with the water station and paving for the disabled loo, so please do get in contact with Carol to volunteer an hour of time in your busy allotment schedule.

The work is ongoing and all voluntary, but will prove rewarding when more pollinators come to feed on the new plants and hopefully stay around on our vegetable and fruit plots. The more the project evolves the more practical and aesthetic the space is becoming and its is becoming a peaceful place to come and spend a quite hour or two working towards this goal.

We are lucky to have such a space to develop in this way so please do come and help and enjoy it, with the Wild Bunch team!


AGM Minutes 2016

The minutes for the AGM that took place on 8th March 2016 are now available (see "Member's Documents" section) as well as the Annual Report for 2015. Something to read when the rain starts....

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