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Access to Members Area

Sadly I have been forced to close the Members Area until further notice.

Apologies to new plot-holders who have recently requested access and not received a response but I am currently experiencing excessive demand for online membership to this website, mostly originating from Asia!
So many in fact as to make it impractical to sort the locals from the hopefuls.

Consequently the Member's Documents now have "public access" status and should be available without logging in (any identified sensitive information has been removed).

Please email me if you have problems accessing any of the site or have any concerns regarding the content of this site.

AGM 2013

The 2013 AGM will take place on Tuesday 12th March 2013 at 7.15pm,at St Peter’s Church Hall, East Blatchington.

To help you tune up for this event, the 2013 AGM Agenda and 2012 Report are attached for your perusal (you will need to log in to the Member's Area to view).


Kings Seed Potatoes

The Kings Seed Potatoes will be available to collect from the Distribution Hut from Sunday 17th February.

Kings have apologised for the delayed delivery, which was the result of very poor weather conditions in Scotland which prevented the harvesting of the seed potatoes.

They have also added the advice that plotholders should avoid planting tubers, chitted or not, into cold wet soil and that unchitted tubers will catch up with the chitted stock very quickly once the soil temperature warms up. Plotholders wanting a very early crop should consider covering the soil for a couple of weeks before they plant the tubers, and that in this case, clear polythene seems to be the best material.

Community Service

As previously reported, David Swaysland, John Gasston and Paul West returned to the scene of their crime and duly completed their community service by erecting the replacement shed.

Our roving reporter Georgie West was also once again on hand to record their diligence:

workers and supervisor

workers unsupervised

work finished, supervisor long gone

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