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Say No to...Pickles

Glorious weather, even some evening rainfall, blossom everywhere....what could possibly go wrong....and then I find the following story under the heading "The End of the Good Life"

Join the campaign to stop this idiotic idea becoming government policy by following the link within the article!

AGM 2011 Minutes

The minutes for the 2011 AGM held on 28th January are now available in the Member's area of this website in the Member's Documents section.

Highlights include the latest position on:

  • the water supply saga
  • the agreement with Seaford Town Council
  • the renovation of the 2nd hut
  • the election of new committee members

as well as the committee member's annual reports.

Things are happening....

Mole Valley Pea and Broad Bean Seeds are now in stock at the Distribution Hut together with the newly introduced 6X fertiliser (certified organic).        

Meanwhile, the snow has long gone and Spring is nearly upon us with plenty of evidence at the allotment site to back this up (see below). Allotmenteer of the year Allotmenteer of the Year Alan Jackson was caught on camera earlier this month getting a headstart on most of us.        

Health & Safety Interim Risk Assessment

In his report on last year's audited accounts, the External Examiner commented that SALGS did not have a Health & Safety Risk Assessment.

In response to this, the Committee have assembled the following Interim Risk Assessment (a copy has also been sent to Seaford Town Council) and it's included here for SALGS members' comments (email David at :-

Health & Safety Interim Risk Assessment

The plan is to take a copy of the finalised report to the 2011 SALGS AGM for adoption.

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