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Community Service

As previously reported, David Swaysland, John Gasston and Paul West returned to the scene of their crime and duly completed their community service by erecting the replacement shed.

Our roving reporter Georgie West was also once again on hand to record their diligence:

workers and supervisor

workers unsupervised

work finished, supervisor long gone

Shed Asset Stripping

Following recent reports in the media of gangs asset stripping heritage buildings, SALGS' roving reporter Georgie West patrolled the allotment site earlier this week armed only with a phone camera.

asset strippers

The gang ruthlessly managed to dismantle the old shed in a mere 3 hours.

lead anyone?

Fortunately, the three caught on camera have been named and shamed as David Swaysland, John Gasston and Paul West.

time for lunch

Their punishment will be in the form of Community Service - to assemble the new shed when it arrives on 24th August.

Stay tuned for further developments.

Hut opening times

Please note the following change in opening times during the off season:

                      From 31st July - 26th February 2012

                        Sundays only 10.00 -11.00am

Say No to...Pickles

Glorious weather, even some evening rainfall, blossom everywhere....what could possibly go wrong....and then I find the following story under the heading "The End of the Good Life"

Join the campaign to stop this idiotic idea becoming government policy by following the link within the article!

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