assorted lotty pics

Wild at Heart


Summer arrives and the annual flowers from the first initial sown area are beginning to flower. The wild flower meadow was sown in stages throughout April so we hope the rest of the area will catch up in June.



The flowers are swamping the native hedge a bit  as they grow rapidly ,  but we have cleared immediately around the saplings and they are growing well.


The annual poppies and oxeye daisies will make up 5 % of the meadow,  so the'' big flowering'' will happen next year, if all goes to plan,  as most of the seed mix is perennial.







Please view the meadow from the grass path above the fruit trees if you want to visit it , and do not walk through the area as seedlings are still emerging and we want to keep it in tact for the summer so all the plants can establish.

Its an amazing achievement as the levelling and clearing only got going in earnest seven months ago in November 2015.


Ted,  our resident ratter on site,  also loves it and I met him there today, He loves it so much he hasn't been back home to Roy and Carols for two nights!











The ash and sycamore coppice are also full of growth, foxgloves and teasels emerging all encouraged by Michael and Pam.








The reclaimed plot at 96a ( renamed'' Dyers Perch'' ) is having a major make over thanks to Chris and Richard who have been making a Dye garden against all odds.






The living willow is attracting lots of insects and birds, the pond has frogs and Foxy has moved into Eddies old shed!













Well done  Wild Bunch volunteers your hard work over the winter is coming on spectacularly!

Carol Whitehead, Project Leader. June 2016