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Clearance Chronicles

November 2015

For the digger to get access to the wilderness area, plot holders Monique, John, Cheryll and Keithy (seen here removing his cabbages so the digger has access) kindly allowed access through their plots.





Oi! mind me cabbages!




The professionals (Julian Fuller - Fullers Fencing, Decking and mini digger hire - 07973286075, Treefella & Aviemore Landscapes) arrive at site to help with the final 'Deep Clean' of the area before planting can commence.



Julian Fuller brings his 3 tonne digger down the slope






Shades of "The War of the Worlds" as the nuisance Sycamore stumps are skilfully removed one by one by Julian Fuller with his digger.

The soil is extremely thin here as as we suspected and unsuitable for cultivating vegetables.



Martin and Carol wiz up and down the hill in the dumpster to the skip with piles of human detritus that are unearthed from the ground courtesy of past plot holders and neighbours.






New volunteers appear to help.  Thank you plot holders David and Steve!



SALGS Chairman Eddie makes a site visitSALGS Chairman Eddie makes a site visit










Working on this slope and grappling with the stubborn sycamores has caused Julian many problems with the digger, including breaks on the bucket bracket and the track twisting  right off,  but he is quick to sort it out and press on with the work.


Martin and Carol continue to rake over and level off the dug over site removing as much inorganic waste as possible.  Working against the clock like this ,  means some of the brambles may reappear but at least the new Wild Bunch Weed Team will be able to locate and remove them next year and work on colonising the area into meadow and other native wildlife plants between the micro orchard and native hedge. Look how clean and tidy the site is, But we cannot put this land to plots  - we are committed to continue with the hedge and wildlife programme as promised to the Big Lottery who are funding this clear up and fully supportive of the Wilderness Project.


The dreaded sycamorestumps are out but are too big to burn and far too heavy to take up the hill in the truck.

Why waste time burying them when you can make a Stumpery near the ash coppice! Carol chains up the stumps and Julian positions them into place for future planting of ferns, primroses and fox gloves in the spring time.  This is a great use of the stumps and makes valuable wildlife habitats for stag beetles and reptiles. The 'man made'  bug hotels from recycled materials will be included throughout the site but this Stumpery will be a more characterful focal point at the entrance to the Wilderness area.

Chairman Eddie joins the workers for a cuppaChairman Eddie joins the workers for a cuppa













The 6 yard skip for the job is over full of all the dumped rubbish down in the wilderness area.






Martin gets busy with his chain saw - can you guess what he is going to be carving out on the biggest dead stump at the boundary?





On the way out of site Julian digs the soak away for our new disabled compost toilet which we will fill with any stones from site.




Imagine this scene next year .....the hedge, the meadow the occasional fruit tree, as you sit on a wood  log up at the stumpery or in the corner coppice at the other end of site! Come down to see it but please, please, please, no more dumping of any waste green or otherwise.  This space is now ready for our new Wilderness area and we must respect and nurture it.

A special thanks to Martin and Dan at Aviemore Landscapes for their hard graft and good ideas and helping Carol with the final part of clearing.

As we could not gain access with the digger to the corner area, that is still being cleared by hand. We still need some volunteers for clearing there but its only ivy and a few brambles which can be burnt so please do come and help for an odd hour to finish it and get it ready for our new Hazel Coppice up there!