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The Wilderness Project


The Allotment site is primarily about cultivation but it has a very difficult area to maintain, nicknamed the "Wilderness area".









The Wilderness is a forgotten , overgrown, out of control area along the boundary with Vale Road, that has it's own peaceful charm supporting foxes and birds but it's neglect has encouraged the dumping of rubbish there by all and sundry.

In 2009 the sycamores were cut down and left to rot . A band of enthusiastic ‘Wild Bunch’ volunteers cleared massive amounts of brambles and small sycamore saplings along the Vale Road boundary last autumn and winter (2014) but professional help was needed.

A project to revive this area was undertaken in earnest in 2015 culminating in the acquirement of Lottery & Town Council funding.

SALGS awarded Lottery fundingSALGS awarded Lottery funding








SALGS receive grant from Seaford Town CouncilSALGS receive grant from Seaford Town Council










The plan is to prepare the ground and plant a traditional Native Hedge along the Vale Road boundary this autumn/winter.

Join in the project??

Carol will continue to run a small team of ever changing volunteers to help hand weed the area around the hedge plants. Volunteers are needed to help with this area. One hour is a great help and collectively DOES make a difference! If you have some time in the next 12 months please contact Carol and see how your valuable skills can create something amazing to be proud of at the end!

To contact Carol:- or find her at plots 74b/75b.